BIO wines of the series ‘Single Vineyard’ are produced from selected vineyards through a very strict selection of the raw material. The grapes are picked by hands, in crates from ten kilograms. The philosophy is to express at the highest degree the terroir and the varietal character of the grapes without using oak barrels. Wines are elegant, delicate and fresh, it is recommended to be consumed while still young.
BIO wines of the series ‘Tiara’ express the vision of ‘Zagreus’ Winery’s team of fresh and accessible everyday wines.The red wines from this series age between 2 and 4 months in old barrels made of Bulgarian oak.
“St. Dimitar” Chapel is located in the heart of the vineyards of ‘Zagreus’ Winery. Saint Dimitar is the saint who protects the vineyard and gives fruitfulness and good fortune. The wines from this series are palatable and airy, charming with their simplicity.
Limited edition craft wines
Wines of the series ‘Reserve’ express the power of the fruit and at the same time the character of the barrels made of Bulgarian oak where the wine ages for twelve months. They are vinified in an old and traditional for Bulgaria style, result of a lot of emotion and respect to our roots.