SANTIMENTI Dimyat & Rkatsiteli
SANTIMENTI Dimyat & Rkatsiteli

Wine information

Wine type: Dry white wine

Region: Thracian valley

Vintage: 2023

Grape variety: 50 % Dimyat, 50 % Rkatsiteli

Origin of the grapes: Organic grapes from old vineyards, dry-farmed. Hand picked grapes.

Wine inspiration: Santimenti is an expression of the desire to return to the original, primary, untamed and pure character of the wine, which the terroir and the nature gift us.

Vini ation: Maceration with the skins for 7 days. Wild fermentation of the grape juice in stainless
steel tank. No additives are used. We let the wine to evolve naturally avoiding any manipulation. It matures in glass demijohns until the end of April. It hasn't been lered at any stage of its creation. Before bottling, a maximum of 40 mg/l of sules are added. Winemaker: Natural wine fellows of Zagreus

Technical notes:

Alcohol: 11.75 %Vol.
Residual sugars: 0.8 g/l Acidity: 6.2 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.36 g/l