Wine information

The grapes are harvested in the period September 20 - October 5. Entirely by hand - personally by Dimitar and his family members together with relatives and friends who want to share the experience. Only bunches that meet strictly specific indicators are selected. The grapes are picked in cassettes in a single layer and
left to stand in the shade for a month or two, similar to the technology of Vinica (the method of apasimento or drying of the grains, typical of Amarone wines). Ferments spontaneous in 220 liter barrels with open lid at one end (open top fermentation). Absolutely nothing is added to the grapes before and during fermentation. Diving is done with a hand machine; no pump is used - both in this and in all subsequent stages. The hat is dipped manually 2-3 times a day. After about 7 days of fermentation with the marc, the latter is removed. From this point on, the fermentation continues for another 14 to 30 days. The wine matures for 40-60 days in glass jars on outdoor conditions without access to direct sunlight. For this period 1-2 streams are made. It is bottled around end of January without the use of a pump or filter. The only thing that is added at this time is sulfuric acid in a dose of a maximum of 30 mg / l. At no time in making this wine is a pump, filter or any additive other than those described above used.

Grape Variety: Mavrud, organic

Vintage: 2022

Harvest Date: 20th September

Fermented: wild open top barel fermentation

Aging: 60 days into glas jars in open space

Bottling production: 1000 bottles

Technical information:

pH: 3,6
Total acidity: 7g/l
Residual sugar: 4g/l
Total SO2: 28mg/l
Alcohol: 16%Vol