Grape Seed Oil

Product Information

Cold pressed and ecological pure, the oil is produced 100% naturally without any additional chemical treatments. 

Grape seeds are an essential source of one of the most powerful natural antioxidants – proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins have antioxidant properties many times stronger even than Vitamin C and E (20 times stronger than Vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E). The proanthocyanodin concentration is especially higher in red grape seeds.  

The Grape Seed Oil can be applied as a salad oil, massage oil and it also forms a part of many cosmetic products.  

The grape seed oil is one preferable component for treating damaged and stressed tissues because it has regenerating and restructuring properties that allow retaining the skin natural moisture balance. His incredible efficiency in recruiting the eye area, removing stretch marks, acne and skin disorders are well proved.

Packaging 250 ml, 1l